Tuesday, January 22nd AM SPIN/RUN
It is Interval week at the Tri Tornadoes workouts.
10 min of Spin followed by running a mile on the treadmill
Repeat this set 3 times….
However…a number of Tri Tornadoes showed up early (5 AM) and wanted to complete an extra set for the workout.
What a morning….
Heather Kirkpatrick Simpson started off the first run with a PR of 7:55. According to Heather…this is her FIRST MILE under 8 min. Way to go Heather!!
Heather Kirkpatrick Simpson, Matthew PierceDavid Styers-Barnett, Angie and Coach Todd all tried to make each repeat faster throughout the workout. It was an intense workout with a GREAT Finish!!
Way to go AM Tri Tornadoes Group!!