2013-05-24 23.32.51WOW….What a GREAT Weekend at REV3 Cedar Point for the TRI TORNADOES!!

The Tri Tornadoes had a FANTASTIC weekend of racing at Rev3 Cedar Point.  The weekend started with the Kids team Pre-Race meal at Fazoli’s in Sandusky, OH.  The four Kids Tri Tornadoes, Maddy Simpson, Emily Simpson, Carter Pierce and Drew Shellenberger were all there loading themselves with the Carb Energy necessary for a GREAT Race the next day.  A number of Tri Tornadoes were also there to support the team and kick off the weekend at the Team gathering.  After picking up race packets, swag, weighing in, getting your picture taken for the big screen and checking out the transition area….It was off to the Breakers Hotel to get some rest and get ready for the Kids Race.

The older kids (Maddy and Drew) were first to race and the distance was 150 meter swim, 4 mile bike and 1.5 mile run.  They waded out into Lake Erie and got to the start line.  The gun went off and the FUN started.  Maddy’s race consisted of a 3:58 swim, 2:41 T1, 19:06 (12.56 ave mph) bike, 0:36 T2, and 15:51 (10:34 per mile) run, for a total time of 42:11.  That was good for 11th in her age group and 28th overall.  Drew bolted out with a 2:44 swim, 1:10 T1, 12:25 (19.32) bike, 0:23 T2, and 10:02 (6:41) run for a total time of 26:43.  That was good for 1st in his age group and 1st overall.  Way to Go Drew and Maddy!!!!!

The younger kids (Carter and Emily) were next to race.  The distances were 75 meter swim, 2 mile bike and 0.75 mile run.  Carter went out with a 2:51 swim, 2:27 T1, 10:39 (11.26) bike, 0.33 T2, and 8:03 (10:44) run for a total time of 24:33.  That was good for 2nd in his age group and 9th overall.  Emily started with a 2:32 swim, 3:29 T1, 12:28 (9.63) bike, 0:38 T2, and 10:33 (14:04) for a total time of 29:39.  That was good for 7th in her age group and 22nd overall.  Great Job Carter and Emily!!

After the kids race was completed, it was time for the adult Tri Tornadoes to get ready to race.  They went for a short shake down ride on the first 4 miles of the bike course.  The wind was blowing like crazy and the road was really rough.  Then it was off to the MANDATORY pre race meeting.  At the meeting, there was some discussion about having to move the swim start from Lake Erie across the street to the marina due to some severe weather conditions.  It was our hope that the swim would not need to be moved in the morning.  After the meeting, the Tri Tornadoes checked in their bikes and headed to the hotel to relax until the team dinner later that night.  Team dinner consisted of a final pre-race pep talk and Papa John’s pizza.  After dinner it was off to bed for a good night’s sleep.

Race morning brought a bunch of unexpected surprises!!  On the way to the transition area, the weather appeared to be calm and the thought of a Lake Erie swim seemed like a sure thing….Oh how wrong we were….Once we arrive at the transition area and started getting ready…the announcement was made…the swim was moving to the marina.  Bummer…that means an extra half mile run during T1.  So…rethink T1.  Get running shoes out of the T2 race bag and take them to the swim exit and then get ready to go.

Coach Todd was the only Tornado doing the 2.4 mile swim of the Full Rev3 course.  He completed the swim in 56:56, then spent 7:16 in T1 with the long run from the marina swim course.  Out on the bike Todd completed the 112 mile bike in 5:01:18 (22.3).  With a 1:30 T2, Todd was out on the run course and completed the 26.2 mile run in 3:30:37 (8:12).  His total time was 9:37:37.  The effort was good enough for 1st in his age group and 2nd overall.

There were EIGHT Tornadoes and one relay team that completed the Half Rev3 course.  FIVE of the Tornadoes completed their FIRST EVER Half Ironman Distance Triathlon.

Angie Briley started with a 36:38 swim, then had a 7:19 T1, completed a 3:01:36 (18.5) bike, then 1:42 T2 and finished with a 2:03:11 (9:24) run for a total time of 5:50:26 good for 9th in her age group and 272nd overall out of 706 competitors.  Matt Pierce started with a 39:58 swim, then had a 8:34 T1, completed a 3:08:29 (17.83) bike, then 1:38 T2 and finished with a 2:03:04 (9:24) run for a total time of 6:01:43 good for 48th in his age group and 338th overall.  Tom Schultz started with a 44:03 swim, then had a 11:39 T1, completed a 3:05:56 (18.07) bike, then 2:11 T2 and finished with a 2:10:01 (9:56) run for a total time of 6:13:49 good for 69th in his age group and 401st overall.  Andrew Davis started with a 49:15 swim, then had a 9:51 T1, completed a 3:27:44 (16.17) bike, then 1:36 T2 and finished with a 2:48:49 (12:53) run for a total time of 7:17:15 good for 40th in his age group and 617th overall.  Monty Glover started with a 42:35 swim, then had a 7:37 T1, completed a 2:58:11 (18.86) bike, then 2:15 T2 and finished with a 1:54:32 (8:45) run for a total time of 5:45:09 good for 30th in his age group and 231st overall.  Jim Sullivan started with a 41:53 swim, then had a 9:05 T1, completed a 4:27:00 (12.58) bike, with a couple of flat tires…then 1:24 T2 and finished with a 2:05:47 (9:36) run for a total time of 7:25:20 good for 100th in his age group and 632nd overall.  Blake Briggs started with a 38:53 swim, then had a 6:41 T1, completed a 3:13:08 (17.04) bike, including a flat tire….then 1:56 T2 and finished with a 1:56:04 (8:52) run for a total time of 5:56:43 good for 17th in his age group and 307th overall.  Heather Simpson started with a 47:07 swim, then had a 9:44 T1, completed a 2:55:39 (19.13) bike, then 1:42 T2 and finished with a 2:20:34 (10:44) run for a total time of 6:14:45 good for 18th in her age group and 406th overall.  The female relay team of Holly Wade, Lara Krebs and Sandy Briggs had splits of 34:02 swim, 2:42:04 (20.73) bike and 1:45:12 (8:02) run.  That performance was good enough for 1st female relay team and 4th overall relay team.

The Tornadoes Cedar Point weekend exceeded all expectations and was an AWESOME way to cap off an outstanding season.  All that is left is to recap the stats….SO……

For the Rampn’ Up to REV3 28 week Campaign from March 1st to September 8th the Tri Tornadoes Swam 1,438,828 yards, Biked 14,398 miles and Ran 5,077 Miles.

We also DRANK…approximately 12,160 ounces or 95 gallons of Chocolate Milk during the 28 week Rampn’ up to REV3 period.