Welcome to Tri Tornadoes Youth and Junior Coaching.  If you are here, you are either looking to start your Triathlon Journey or you are looking to take your Triathlon game to the next level.  At Tri Tornadoes Coaching we have experience doing both.  We have coached all levels of Youth athletes from the most beginning athletes who have no formal Swim/Bike/Run training, to age group National Champions.  We are also a great resource to use to balance your Triathlon training with your school or club swimming/running training to help you get the most out of your busy training schedule. Our main goal is to keep your training FUN and help you develop a skill set that will take you into a long term relationship with the sport of Triathlon.

If you are interested in Triathlon Coaching for a Youth or Junior athlete or have any questions please contact Coach Todd at Todd@TriTornadoes.com or 317-292-8133.

Every athlete is different...

With over 20 years of experience and 100’s of races under our belts, we know that every athlete is different. We’d like to meet you where you are, look at your goals, come up with a plan and help you stay the course! Contact us today to discover which training structure fits YOUR goals and lifestyle!

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