Welcome to Tri Tornadoes Coaching for your Triathlon Coaching Needs.  If you are looking for individualized coaching or group workouts Tri Tornadoes Coaching is for you.  If you are a competitive age group athlete, or just beginning your Triathlon career, Tri Tornadoes Coaching can help you achieve your goals.  Customized monthly training plans are available  on a month to month basis.  Training plans include an initial email evaluation and suggested fitness evaluation.  Once the information has been gathered, monthly plans are customized for each Triathlete to fit their specific needs.  Email and phone communication is available to each Triathlete on a weekly basis and plans are adjusted based on the Triathletes feedback and supplied workout data. If you are interested in individualized workout coaching, and live in the Indianapolis, IN area, those services are available for $50 per hour.

If you are interested in Triathlon Coaching or have any questions please contact Coach Todd at Todd@TriTornadoes.com or 317-292-8133.

Every athlete is different...

With over 20 years of experience and 100’s of races under our belts, we know that every athlete is different. We’d like to meet you where you are, look at your goals, come up with a plan and help you stay the course! Contact us today to discover which training structure fits YOUR goals and lifestyle!

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