The Tri Tornadoes Teams had an impressive showing at both the adult and kids triathlon at Tri Indy today.  The adults led off the day with either a SPRINT or OLYMPIC distance triathlon.  Heather Simpson and James Tyler represented the Tri Tornadoes in the SPRINT race.  The Tri Tornadoes in the OLYMPIC race were Jeff Clifton, Matt Pierce, Tom Schultz, Blake Briggs, Todd Krebs, Lara Krebs,  Jim Sullivan, Justin Tyminski, Alan Coppinger, and Coach Todd Shellenberger.

The Kids Tri Tornadoes who completed the event were Aija Bowman, Addison Daily, Nicole Foster, Justin Magbanua, Ben Mitchell, Landon Phillips, Bella Sanderfer, Emily Simpson, Faith Hyde, Madison Simpson, Erika Shellenberger and Drew Shellenberger.

The race was held in beautiful downtown Indianapolis in Celebration Plaza at White River State Park.  The swim takes place in the downtown canal and is the perfect spectator venue for a Triathlon.

In the SPRINT race, both James and Heather were completing their first triathlon as part of the Tri Tornadoes.  For Heather this was her FIRST TRIATHLON!!  Way to HEATHER!!  She had a FANTASTIC experience and really enjoyed her first race.  Please check out the results at

In the OLYMPIC race all the Tornadoes brought home fantastic finishes and had an enjoyable day.  Please check out the results at

The Kids Race was a special event as it was the first time they got to race in a venue that did not have a pool.  They were excited and ready to go!!  Most of them had a GREAT Experience in the OPEN Water.  Check out the results at