On March 1, 2013 the Tri Tornadoes embarked on a journey to the REV3 Cedar Point Triathlon weekend on September 7-8, 2013 in Sandusky, OH . Members of the team will be competing in either the Sprint, Kids, Half or Full distance race. We will be logging our Swim/Bike/Run miles as we train to get ready for this monumental team challenge. After the first three days of March we have logged: 9,850 yards of swimming, 305 miles of biking and 155.3 miles of running. We will also be talking about our training experiences and sharing our goals and dreams on the Tri Tornadoes Indy Facebook page. So if you are looking to do something different or just need people to motivate you to train for an event or want to follow our training for REV3 Cedar Point…Come Join US!! If you are an athlete on the Southside of Indianapolis that is looking for a team to train with, please look us up. If you live outside the Indianapolis area you can join us through online coaching services provided by Tri Guy Fitness. You can find us on FACEBOOK at TriTornadoesIndy or on the web at www.triguyfitness.com or by email at Todd@TriGuyFitness.com.

We will be featuring all our team members during the journey. We will give you an inside look at the training that EVERYDAY ATHLETES from all types of backgrounds, professions and ages do to get ready for their RACE OF THE SEASON.

So…go dig out your swim goggles, get your bike tuned up and ready to ride, and go to your favorite shoe store and get a new pair of running shoes to start RAMPN’ Up to REV3 CEDAR POINT with the TRI TORNADOES….It will be an ADVENTURE that could change your life….or at least give you a weekend at the GREATEST Amusement Park in America!!!