RAMPN’ Up to REV3 Cedar Point – UPDATE – Weeks of May 13th and 20th
The last 2 weeks have been CRAZY BUSY for the Tri Tornadoes. Coach Todd and Nick Tranbarger completed the American Triple T triathlon in Ohio over the weekend of May 19th. The weekend of racing in the “Little Smokies” mountains of southern Ohio consisted of a Super Sprint Triathlon on Friday night. Two Olympic distance Triathlons on Saturday and a Half Ironman distance Triathlon on Sunday. Needless to say, there were tons of hills and lots of climbing in the small chain ring. Nick and Todd finished in a combined time of 21:31:33. It was a long, hard weekend of racing.

Our local schools are getting out for the summer and our families all have the end of the school year parties and graduations to attend. Here in Indianapolis we also had the Indianapolis 500…The Greatest Spectacle in Racing…and the Kids Tri For Kids – Southport Duathlon..an AWESOME Kids Race on the Southside of Indianapolis. Check out www.kidstriforkids for more information on our summer of kids triathlons in Indianapolis.

All of our workouts are now OUTSIDE so we are really glad that the warmer weather has FINALLY come to Indianapolis and we are training like CRAZY!!! It is a BLAST!!

This week’s getting to know the Tri Tornadoes feature is….ANDREW DAVIS. Andrew has completed 2 Triathlons in his young career. He is REALLY looking forward to achieving his 2013 goal of completing the Half Rev3 race at Cedar Point. Andrew rides a Trek Madone 3.1 equipped with aerobars. He runs in his favorite shoes, Brooks Trance 12 while he is eating his favorite Tangerine Power Gel. After races and workouts Andrew loves Chocolate Milk and HoneyStingers Waffles. Andrew says he hates lifting weights, triathlon is a much more functional workout, he feels like these disciplines are more relevant to life than spending so much time inside, working on trophy muscles. He loves being outside and feeling the wind, speeding away from rabid dogs, and seeing the stray peacock on Hancock county roads. Plus the people are great and he is doing something that scares him (just a little, which he thinks is good).
Andrew got into Triathlon by tagging along with a high school friend (Angela Fox) that dragged him to his first spin class at LA Fitness, where there were some crazy triathletes doing a brick workout. They were dripping everywhere. Then he started taking swim lessons at the YMCA, where he met The Tri Tornadoes group. After that, he was convinced that this was the best way to train to finish his first triathlon.
During the day, Andrew is a Protein Chemist in the pharmaceutical industry. He works on monoclonal
antibodies and fusion peptides. His specialties include analytical chemistry and high pressure liquid
Andrew went to High School at Center Grove HS (Greenwood Indiana), and then on to Drake University (Des Moines, Iowa) for college.
In his spare time…Andrew is a Juicing King…He likes to make “Mean Green” which is juicing kale, cucumbers, celery, apples, lemon and ginger. His pet peeve is loud kids with sticky fingers, and people who don’t understand how to share a swim lane. He is currently working on his breaststroke and backstroke, just for fun. And last but not least….his most embarrassing moment was getting dropped on a group bike ride and then having to call for a friend to come pick him up.

So for the week of May 13th the Tri Tornadoes Swam 59,195 yards, Biked 521 miles and Ran 130 Miles. For the week of May 20th, the Tri Tornadoes Swam 57,754 yards, Biked 651 miles and Ran 151 Miles. Our Totals are now up to 693,071 yards Swum, 5,230 miles Biked and 2,540 miles Ran.
We also DRANK…786 ounces or 6.14 gallons of Chocolate Milk.