With one full month of training under our belts the Tri Tornadoes are Rampn’ up to Rev3 Cedar Point in a big way. The training has been consistent and tons of FUN. We are building our endurance and speed as we prepare to take our training outside as the weather in Indiana is hopefully getting warmer and making it possible to get out on the roads. Coach Todd has just returned from a Florida training trip and check out the picture of the car loaded down with bikes and training gear. The trip was full of stops along the way at Pilot Travel Centers as this is the best place to refill the car and refuel the body. Thanks Pilot for being EVERYWHERE between Indiana and Florida. For the week ended March 24th the Tri Tornadoes swam 65,150 yards, biked 381 miles and ran 215 miles. For the week ended March 31st we swam 34,600, biked 267 and ran 221. This brings our totals for the month of March to 235, 050 yards of swimming, 1,671 miles of biking and 1,069 miles of running. Way to Go Tri Tornadoes!!! Keep up the GREAT Work!!