The week of June 3rd was the first opportunity of the Triathlon Season for the Tri Tornadoes to take a recovery week leading up to the first TEAM RACE of the YEAR. The race was held on Saturday, June 8th at Prairie Creek Reservoir, in Muncie, IN.  It was the America Multisport Triathlon in Muncie.  There were multiple races going on at the venue on Saturday.  There were Sprint and Olympic distance Triathlon’s and Duathlon’s and an Olympic Aquabike. So there was a race for anyone wanting to race.  The Tri Tornadoes went up with 5 athletes racing in the Olympic Triathlon.  The Olympic Triathlon course utilizes some of the same roads as the Muncie 70.3 race in July, so it is a GREAT prep race for the Tri Tornadoes.  Team members Angie Briley, Blake Briggs, Andrew Davis, Tom Schultz and Heather Simpson all competed in the race.  It was the first Olympic distance Triathlon for Andrew and Heather!! Way to go!!  Now for the results…Blake was the first Tornadoes finisher in 2:36:45.  His swim was 32:47, bike average was 20.7 mph and he ran 7:30’s to finish.  Angie had a 27:52 swim, biked 19.3 mph and ran 8:57’s to finish in 2:48:00.  Tom swam 31:57, biked 18.6 mph and ran 8:40’s to finish in 2:53:24.  Andrew swam 31:37, biked 18.2 mph and ran 10:00’s to finish in 3:03:50.  Heather swam 35:59, biked 19.3 mph and ran 10:44’s to finish in 3:06:40.  It was an AWESOME Tri Tornadoes performance…Way to GO TEAM!!


So for the week of June 3rd the Tri Tornadoes Swam 57,127 yards, Biked 345 miles and Ran 188 Miles.  Our Totals are now up to 796,098 yards Swum, 6,198 miles Biked and 2,932 miles Ran.


We also DRANK…350 ounces or almost 2.75 gallons of Chocolate Milk.