Blake Post Pic 62013The week of June 17th was another Solid training week for the Tri Tornadoes.  The focus was pacing.  Our weekday workouts consisted of 30 min of biking with strong pace intervals.  The run was a consistent paced 30 min transition run to get to those legs ready to run after a solid effort on the bike.  The Saturday workout was a CRAZY BRICK that consisted of the Carefree 5K race followed by a strong paced bike effort of about 37 miles and then another run of 4 to 6 miles featuring hill loops on our MUNCIE prep course.  The only thing that was missing was the 90 degree temperature and 90 percent humidity that Muncie is famous for.


This week’s getting to know the Tri Tornadoes feature is….Blake Briggs.  Blake has been competing  in triathlons for 3 years.  He has done 25 Triathlons, 20 Sprint and 5 Olympic distance races. Blake is excited to compete in the Muncie 70.3 race on July 13th.  Blake rides a Specialized Transition bike and runs in Asics Gel shoes.  He trains between 15 and 20 hrs per week.  He loves sweets and his favorite color is Green.  Blake LOVES to go to Gray Goat and shop for Triathlon stuff.  His favorite foods are Cereal and Pasta and he really enjoys drinking Propel Water.  Blake loves training with the Tri Tornadoes team because it gives him motivation to train harder and smarter and gives him the best chance to PR at his races.  Blake also really enjoys that his wife, Sandy is an accomplished Runner/Triathlete as well and it gives them something that they can do together and help each other achieve their individual goals!!


So for the week of June 17th the Tri Tornadoes Swam 60,033 yards, Biked 620 miles and Ran 203 Miles.  Our Totals are now up to 907,736 yards Swum, 7,580 miles Biked and 3,275 miles Ran.


We also DRANK…610 ounces or a little more than 4.75 gallons of Chocolate Milk.