RAMPN’ Up to REV3 Cedar Point – UPDATE – Week of April 29th
The week of April 29th is a taper week for the Tri Tornadoes. We are getting ready for our first team race of the year. It is The Indianapolis Mini Marathon on Saturday, May 4th. It is the LARGEST Half Marathon in the Country. There are usually around 30,000 finishers. The team workouts have been scaled back this week and everyone who is running has been encouraged to rest and hydrate and get ready to RUN FAST.

The Following Tri Tornadoes completed the Indianapolis Mini Marathon….

Andrew Davis – 2:12:54
Shelley Ferguson – 2:24:15
Heather Simpson – 2:07:57
Monty Glover – 1:39:26
Jim Sullivan – 1:56:58
Tom Schultz – 1:45:12
Todd Shellenberger – 1:28:31
Blake Briggs – 1:38:14

So for the week of April 29th, the Tri Tornadoes Swam 53,025 yards, Biked 251 miles and Ran 185 Miles. Our Totals are now up to 520,422 yards Swum, 3,481 miles Biked and 2,121 miles Run.
We also DRANK…192 ounces or 1.5 gallons of Chocolate Milk.