RAMPN’ Up to REV3 Cedar Point – UPDATE – Week of April 22nd
This week has been another GREAT training week for the Tri Tornadoes. The Indianapolis Mini Marathon is May 4th, so this week was our last big training week before tapering for the race. The team workouts have been FUN and Challenging. The week has been full of rain and cold temperatures so we have had a mix of indoor and outdoor workouts. The team is taking it all in stride and making the best of our training opportunities.

This week’s getting to know the Tri Tornadoes feature is…. David Styers-Barnett. David just started competing in triathlons in October of 2012. He jumped right in and competed in the Jag Tri at IUPUI. His bike is a Trek Bodega that is affectionately known as the Truck. Since he has done 2 triathlons in his career, he does not have a favorite race. He recovers with Chocolate Milk and his favorite color is Blue and favorite food is Homemade Chex Mix. David likes to shop at the Blue Mile for his triathlon gear. He credits them for helping him pick the right shoes to cure his IT band pain!! David is a Night Owl, his pre-race meal is Cereal or Toast and he eats Pancakes the night before the race. His favorite part of the triathlon is the Swim. David was a High School swimmer and still holds the 500 school record. David is married and has two kids Gillian (8) and Norah (4). He likes cooking, eating and watching “Chopped” on the Food Network. Apparently, his daughters like Chopped as well, one of David’s last dinners got Chopped by the Girls…He was Bummed!! David went to Elwood High School, The College of Wooster, and The University of North Carolina. David is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Indianapolis, is 36 yrs old and trains about 6 hours per week. David really likes the constant physical challenge that triathlon bring to his workouts.

So for the week of April 22nd, the Tri Tornadoes Swam 41,422 yards, Biked 440 miles and Ran 201 Miles. Our Totals are now up to 465,397 yards Swum, 3,230 miles Biked and 1,924 miles Run.
We also DRANK…390 ounces or 3.04 gallons of Chocolate Milk.