The Tri Tornadoes have been really RAMPN’ their training up during the last couple of weeks. Team members have been on spring break in Florida, Tennessee, Ohio and some had a Staycation in Indianapolis. But the common thread is that the training continues with our eyes set on the REV3 Cedar Point Race. As part of this training the Tri Tornadoes are getting ready to run the Mini Marathon in Indianapolis on Saturday, May 4th. This is the Nation’s Largest Half Marathon!! The team has competed in the Mini Training series leading up to the Mini Marathon. The 5K, 10K and 15K races have helped us keep focused as well as provided valuable training data to help us continue our improvement. The weather has also started to break here in Indiana and the week of April 8th will see our first outdoor bike rides as part of the team workouts….We are all ready to get off the spin bikes and get out on the road!! So for the week of April 1st, the Tri Tornadoes Swam 60,900 yards, Biked 440 miles and Ran 209 Miles. Our Totals are now up to 300,200 yards Swum, 2,120 miles Biked and 1,284 miles Run. It is hard to believe that REV3 Cedar Point is less than 5 months away….The EXCITEMENT is BUILDING…it is going to be a GREAT JOURNEY!!!