19 10, 2014

The Night Before Louisville

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Ironman Louisville To post or not to post...  That's a question I've been asking myself ever since IM Louisville.   By all accounts I should not have been anywhere near an Ironman course this past August.  Not me... not the tired, 256 pound mom that started on this journey in late May of [...]

18 07, 2013

Wetsuit Strippers, Flat Coke and Minnie Mouse – A Muncie 70.3 Race Report

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Wetsuit strippers are real; flat, really warm coke is pretty good and triathlon is a group sport…  I learned a lot at the Ironman 70.3 Muncie triathlon.   It was my FIRST half Ironman – it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. All of this will make more sense with a little background information.   [...]

8 07, 2013

RAMPN’ Up to REV3 Cedar Point – UPDATE – Week of July 8th

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  The week of July 8th had the Tri Tornadoes engaged in the second week of Taper for Muncie 70.3. It is RACE WEEK and Saturday, July 13th is almost here and the Five Tri Tornadoes doing the race, Blake Briggs, Alan Coppinger, Matt Pierce, Heather Simpson and Coach Todd are training at the 50% [...]

18 11, 2012

Tornadoes Triathlon Team SATURDAY Workout – 11/17/12

By |2012-11-18T18:58:04-05:00November 18th, 2012|

Outstanding effort by the Tri Tornadoes Triathlon Team on the Saturday, November 17th team workout.  The workout consisted of an interval swim workout, a 60 minute SPIN bike ride and a 5k treadmill run.  The swim was 15 X 100’s or 150’s on the 2:30 interval.  Everyone swam strong and gave a solid effort.  As [...]

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