Outstanding effort by the Tri Tornadoes Triathlon Team on the Saturday, November 17th team workout.  The workout consisted of an interval swim workout, a 60 minute SPIN bike ride and a 5k treadmill run.  The swim was 15 X 100’s or 150’s on the 2:30 interval.  Everyone swam strong and gave a solid effort.  As the triathletes left the water, and headed off to the SPIN bikes, they were showing the effects of swimming harder than usual.  Once on the SPIN bikes, they pushed themselves through a strong even paced workout that provided them with an outstanding race feel.  After the SPIN, the Triathlon Team went out to the treadmills and completed a competitive 5K.  Each Triathlete worked at their own pace and had a strong finish.  All Triathletes completed the workout with a great feeling of accomplishment and knowledge that another solid workout was put in the bank!!