The week of July 8th had the Tri Tornadoes engaged in the second week of Taper for Muncie 70.3. It is RACE WEEK and Saturday, July 13th is almost here and the Five Tri Tornadoes doing the race, Blake Briggs, Alan Coppinger, Matt Pierce, Heather Simpson and Coach Todd are training at the 50% level compared to their average training volume of the last 4 weeks. The team is in FINAL preparations for the Muncie 70.3.

The second week of Taper had a short speedy INTERVAL session on the bike and run and a race preparation for the swim workout. Week two of the Muncie 70.3 Taper is Done and the Tri Tornadoes are READY TO RACE!!

MUNCIE 70.3 Race Report

Blake, Heather and Matt all completed the 70.3 distance for the FIRST Time!!! Special Congratulations to them on a job well done. This was Alan’s second Muncie and he cut over 22 minutes off his 2011 time. Way to go Alan. Race day was GREAT…Cool Temps and below 76.1 degree water greeted us at Prairie Creek. The race was wetsuit legal which made everyone happy. Alan’s wave was first to go off and he had a GREAT race. He started off with a 49:17 (2:33/100 ave) swim then 8:50 T1, his bike was 2:50:51 (19.67 ave), 4:43 T2, and 2:08:10 (9:47 ave) run. Alan’s total time was 6:01:51. It was good for 16th in his age group and 800th overall out of 1,540 competitors. Matt was next in the water where he swam 39:57 (2:04), 4:04 T1, biked 3:06:57 (17.97), 2:44 T2, and ran 2:38:00 (12:03) for a total time of 6:31:42. His effort was good for 161st and 1,090. Heather was next off to a 46:37 (2:24) swim, 6:57 T1, 3:07:40 (17.9) bike, 7:18 T2 and ran 2:39:08 (12.08) for a total time of 6:47:40. Her effort got her 64th and 1,195th. Coach Todd was next in the water where he swam 28:48 (1:29), 3:31 T1, 2:31:50 (22.13) bike, 1:25 T2, and ran 1:39:22 (7:35) for a total time of 4:44:56. His effort got him 12th and 89th. Blake was last in the water and he swam 40:21 (2:05), 3:27 T2, 2:54:17 (19.28) bike, 1:54 T2, and ran 2:00:38 (9:12) for a total time of 5:40:37. His effort got him 26th and 552nd. Even though the weather was better than last year, it was still BRUTALLY HOT and the wind on the bike made the course very interesting….It still lived up to the challenge of the Muncie Endurathon…It was a GREAT Race and a GREAT Team DAY!! Way to go Tri Tornadoes….Who is in for NEXT YEAR!!!

So for the week of July 8th through 14th the Tri Tornadoes Swam 25,649 yards, Biked 492 miles and Ran 88 Miles. Our Totals are now up to 1,045,417 yards Swum, 9,334 miles Biked and 3,645 miles Ran.

We also DRANK…432 ounces or a little more than 3.33 gallons of Chocolate Milk.