Who wants to go SLOW at a TRIATHLON???  Anyone???  NO, Everyone wants to be FAST!!  Now lets think about this…..Can you go 20 MPH during a race when you train all the time at 18??  Maybe, but probably not.

Speed Training is the KEY to going FAST at the races.  INTERVAL training is an excellent way to build SPEED.

Try this workout…..

This Bike/Run Interval workout is an AWESOME way to get short race effort pace into your training.

Find a bike loop of about 3 miles and a run loop of 1 mile.  Do at least 3 repeats.

Start out on the bike, ride the 3 miles FAST, go HARD.  Come back to transition, practice your T2 and head out on the 1 mile run.  Push it, make yourself work hard, just like in a race.  Do it with some friends or teammates for a really competitive atmosphere.  Record your bike time and your run time.  Then do it again.

Try to make your last bike and run the fastest.

Feel free to use this workout as a mid-week speed session or if you are really CRAZY…..Do 6 to 10 repeats as a race effort.

Have FUN with it!!  It really builds Character!!