15 07, 2012

Long Weekend of Workouts….Ice Cream??

By |2012-07-17T15:33:22-04:00July 15th, 2012|

Well...It was one of those weekends.  Long 80+ mile bike ride on Saturday.  Follow it up with a strong 12 mile hill run in the heat of the day on Sunday.  Speaking of sundae....We were over at some friends house on Saturday Night.  Yummy homemade ice cream and brownies.....This is a bad, or I mean [...]

29 05, 2012

The Transition (another test post)

By |2012-06-01T23:15:08-04:00May 29th, 2012|

The Triathlon Transition Hazen Kent - Tri-Newbies Online The triathlon transition. Triathlon’s version of a “Chinese fire drill.” The triathlon transition can be crazy, chaotic, and perhaps even frantic.  Awareness and timing are essential. Tempers have been known to flare as tensions increase, bikes crash, and liquids are tossed about. And the sooner you are in [...]

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