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Nourish2Flourish, Inc. is a holistic nutrition, fitness and wellness provider. N2F strives to make healthy eating fun and delicious for the whole family!

N2F specializes in sports nutrition for the endurance athlete, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, weight loss and more. N2F specializes in nutrition for endurance sports. They will work with your individual situation to create a nutrition plan that will optimize performance and minimize GI distress. Monthly packages are available that coordinate with your training program. 


51SSLOGO51 SPEEDSHOP Indianapolis focuses on helping athletes achieve a proper bike fit which is the greatest performance upgrade you can make to your bike and your overall performance.

Dave Ripley will maintain your triathlon or road bike to the highest levels of product specification ensuring that you have maximized all performance aspects to their highest capability.  He also trains and races and understands the time  demands on multisport athletes and has the ability to offer 24 hour turn around time on most bikes.  51 SS will work with you to completely align you and your bike equipment, making sure that your performance profile is optimized within the value proposition that best fits you.



More to come!

TS2 Coaching is currently in the process of forming community partnerships and sponsorships with businesses and organizations both inside & outside of the triathlon industry.  The hopes is for a mutually beneficial relationship for our athletes and our community partners.  Details coming soon!