Well, here we are starting November in Indiana and anywhere where you have a winter season for that matter, and you are asking yourself, what should I do to get better at Triathlon?


The simple answer is EVERYTHING!!


This time of the year is known by almost everyone as the offseason.  There are few triathlons scheduled (other than in Florida or somewhere REALLY South), some running races and very few places to swim outside so we are forced inside for training or endure the harsh winter conditions.

This is also the time of year to REST, RELAX and RECHARGE.  So again do it all!!

Have some fun, do something different, and most of all don’t waste all the hard work you put in during the season.  Try to continue to do a small block of consistent triathlon training, but remember to have some unstructured FUN time as well.

Work on TECHNIQUE in all three sports during this time to gain advantages on your last year’s results.

Do some strength training

Focus on one sport you need to improve on

Do a weekly SPIN Class

Check out a strength and conditioning class at your local YMCA

Remember to adjust your daily calorie intake to match your daily exercise program so you can maintain a consistent weight.

Nothing ruins the offseason like large weight gains and long periods of inactivity.

Just don’t be too serious and make sure you are keeping yourself in a positive position for NEXT YEAR!!