The Indy Tri Tornadoes hosted the Longest Single Day workout of the team’s history on Saturday, August 18th.  The workout consisted of 3 bike loops (approx 37 miles each) followed by a transition run (between 3 and 12 miles).  Eleven athletes (Tom Schultz, Matt Pierce, Jim Sullivan, Heather Simpson, Justin Tyminski, Andrew Davis, Lara Krebs, Alan Coppinger, Chris Hutchinson, Nick Tranbarger and Coach Todd) put themselves to the test for some portion or all of the EPIC training day.

The first loop started at 6:45 AM, just as enough light was visible to make the journey a safe one.  The group of 5 headed out on the normal long ride loop heading west and turning south to pick up some hills.  About halfway through the journey the group found out the county highway department had other ideas of how good the road surfaces were on the course.  Apparently, they thought the roads needed some attention and earlier in the week 2 long stretches of road were freshly tar and chipped.  This made for an exciting first loop.  The first 37 mile loop was competed in 2:08 with an average speed of 18 mph.  This was not the way the group wanted to start the day.  Once the first loop was completed the route was changed to avoid the rough tar and chip surface.  The new route had more rolling hills and a couple long grinders, but the two short steep climbs from the original route were missing.  The new route made the ride a bit more challenging.  The second loop took off with 5 riders heading toward Brooklyn, IN for an out and back loop that featured Centenary Hill.  The ride had average speeds that ranged from 25.6 to 14.8, with an overall average of 19.6.  The fastest speed was recorded down Centenary at 38 mph.  The second loop of 36 miles was back to Glenns Valley Elementary in 1:50:18.  There waiting was more riders for the last 37 mile loop.  The third loop took off with 8 riders headed back out to Brooklyn for the last time.  The lead pack of 5 formed quickly within the first 6 miles and 3 riders were left to ride from behind.  At mile 7, one of the riders attempted to bridge the gap to the lead pack.  Riding solo for 10 miles, he caught one of the 5 lead pack riders who had fallen off the pace, by mile 18 he joined the lead pack.  As the lead pack turned and started for home another rider was dropped from the back and there was the final group of 4 left to crank for home.  The pace for the last  15 miles was set by Chris Huchinson and Nick Tranbarger.  They were driving the train for home.  Lara Krebs was making a heroic effort to stay on the tail end of the lead group.  As the group made its way to the end of the 37 mile loop, the average speed held steady at 20.6.  The final push home completed the ride portion of the workout with an impressive showing.

Now it was off to the run.  The run started with a transition, refueling and quick clothes change.  The run started with a controlled take off heading up the small neighborhood hill, as soon as the leaders hit the top, the pace increased to a level that was not expected and some of the runners were left to run alone and hope someone would blow.  Mile #1 went out in a speedy pace of 7:23.  The original idea was somewhere in the 8 min per mile pace, but someone had other ideas.  Mile #2 clipped by quickly at 7:03 and the gap was established.  As the runners left the mostly flat confines of the neighborhood and headed for the hill, the pace was starting to take its toll.  Mile #3 and #4 were 7:34 and 7:23 respectively.  As we hit the bottom of the hill, one of the lead runners was off pace and starting to slow down.  The hilly mile was completed in 7:36 and the first loop finish mile was done in 7:14 for a 44:22 (7:23 min per mile) 6 mile first loop.  The second loop picked up where the first loop left off at pace of 7:24, this pace started taking its toll on the run leader.  Hampered by a failed nutrition delivery system, the run leader started to fade with each mile.  Mile #2 (9:50 – with stop) saw an unplanned stop at transition to pick up additional fluids.  Mile #3 went by in 7:23, mile #4 in 7:31 and the hill mile in 7:39.  The final mile was a second loop best at 7:18.  The second loop finished up at 46:43 or 7:32 per mile.

For the Epic Ironman Training Day, the bike totals were 110 miles in 5:43:00 and the 12 mile run in 1:31:05.  What an OUTSTANDING Effort!!  That is approximately 7 hours and 15 minutes of workout!!  GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!