23 06, 2017

Tri Tornadoes in Center Grove Magazine

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Baxter YMCA Tri Tornadoes How would you describe a triathlon? Challenging? Medieval? Triumphant? All of the above? Triathlons come in several distances from the short to the fast sprint to the Ironman – an all-day gut check of 140.6 miles. No matter the distance, they all start the same – an often chilly plunge into [...]

19 10, 2014

The Night Before Louisville

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Ironman Louisville To post or not to post...  That's a question I've been asking myself ever since IM Louisville.   By all accounts I should not have been anywhere near an Ironman course this past August.  Not me... not the tired, 256 pound mom that started on this journey in late May of [...]

21 08, 2012

Relay Races…Fun Training for Kids…and Adults Too!

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Next time you are doing a swim workout and you are losing interest.  Do some RELAYS.  Find some friends or teammates or just some other people at the pool.  Depending on the ability levels and ages of the participants, do some 25, 50 or 100 yard relays.  Have everyone swim their leg as fast as [...]

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